Storm & Supplemental Service

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Storms are common in South Florida and can leave your pool looking less than inviting. 

Deck cleanings and roof cleanings/replacement also leave excess debris in your pool and/or spa.

Supplemental service is an advanced level of cleaning that restores your pool to its normal, crystal clear cleanliness. We will remove leaves, branches or other items that have blown into your pool. We will clean out your skimmer basket, clean your filter cartridge (or backwash sand filter), brush your walls and tiles, vacuum, and chemically treat your pool.

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Algae in your pool is unsightly and can grow quickly despite weekly pool cleanings. It grows on walls and bottom of pools as well as in cracks and crevices. Simple methods of prevention include replacing your filter annually and running your pump a sufficient number of hours per day. Unfortunately, Florida's intense sun and heat provide perfect breeding conditions for algae and routine preventative measures simply aren't effective. Preventative algae treatments are available for pools and spas and are recommended to be installed prior to the intense heat of summer.

Supplemental service includes all non-standard cleaning services as requested by the customer.


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