Earl’s Review

I am thoroughly pleased with Crystsl Clear Aquatics for both routine maintenance and problem correction. I have used several pool services , but no other had consistently maintained the pool water clarity and freedom from periodic fungus problems. Problem response and correction had been exemplary. I've always received a prompt call back and quick attentive response for any problem that develops.


Merrily’s Review

Thanks so much for helping with my pool last week!!! Victor is always just a phone call away!


Rowena’s Review

Great service, trustworthy and very nice. I had issues with my pool not pumping water through the pump and they were able to figure it out fairly quickly and we worked out a reasonable price!


Darren’s Review


I have been using Victor w/ Crystal Clear Aquatics for the last 2 years for all my pool and hot tub needs. Vic is always on time and very dependable. If there is an issue with either my pool or hot tub Vic will take the time to explain the issue thoroughly, and recommend a course of action. There are many times where he would just say, “Let’s monitor it for now” instead of trying to make a quick buck for a needless repair. I use my hot tub daily for a bad back. Its an older tub that needs a lot of attention. If there is a problem, I call Vic and he is there, knowing how important it is that I have the hot tub in good working condition. I have recommended Crystal Clear Aquatics to all my friends and will continue to do so.



Mary’s Review

We have been using Crystal Clear Aquatics for over a year now and would highly recommend them. Victor is dependable and professional. Our pool looks amazing since he has taken on the job. He truly cares about our pool!



Cathy’s Review


Victor has been in the pool business for the last 15 years, but recently started his own company – Crystal Clear Aquatics. We just moved to a house with a pool and Victor has been unbelievably helpful in explaining and showing us how all the pool equipment works – ie the blower, the pop-ups, etc. He referred us to an excellent contractor when one of the pool lights needed replacing, and he personally followed up with them to ensure they gave us great service. He comes around the same time every Monday, he always has a smile on his face, and he always remembers the little things you chatted about the week prior. When I wrote a question about some of our equipment on my invoice payment, Victor call me immediately to answer it. Victor takes a great deal of personal pride in owning his own company and I have not doubt he will do well as customer service is on the top of his list. I would highly recommend this company.



Peter’s Review

I need to go in my hot tub at least once a day for 30 minutes due to a lifetime of athletic activity. When my heater stopped working and there was a leak, I can sense the pain in my legs and back. Knowing I would be barely able to function without my hot tub therapy, I call Crystal Clear Aquatics hoping they could get there ASAP. Sure enough, Victor came right away and fixed my hot tub so it was working perfectly. It was a dream come true. He was very professional and courteous, by far some of the best customer service I’ve gotten since moving to Florida 15 years ago. If anyone is thinking servicing their hot tub, Crystal Clear Aquatics and Victor are the way to go!



Troy’s Review

We’ve been using Crystal Clear Aquatics for a year and are very satisfied with the service. The pool always looks great and inviting. Victor who leads the team is always available by phone or may even just stop by if we have had heavy rains to check the water conditions. This is not one of those companies where a different technician shows up each week. It was easy to setup for online payment with Diane too. We recommend this company if you want personal service and a pool that is ready when you are :)

Jack’s Review

“We have been using Crystal Clear for more than a year and can’t recommend them highly enough. Victor truly cares about our pool and making sure that it’s in great shape. Never a hard sell, always a pleasure to deal with. We wouldn’t think of using anyone else.”