Is the thought of worry-free pool maintenance appealing?

Are you tired of the hassle involved in testing your water and cleaning your filter? You can now relax – and spend more time enjoying your pool!

Crystal Clear Aquatics Pool & Spa, serving Western Palm Beach County, Florida, provides professional and reliable residential pool maintenance with less work, proper water chemistry, no more filtration worries, early detection of equipment problems, and piece of mind.

Our customers spend more time relaxing in their pools and less time worrying about proper water chemistry and filtration issues – and enjoy piece of mind provided by early detection of equipment problems.

Crystal Clear Aquatics Pool and Spa Services offers a full range of service options to meet all customers’ needs, from chemicals-only service to weekly standard cleaning service, semiweekly cleaning, and storm and supplemental cleanup services. We also provide a full range of repair services, sales and installation of new equipment (pumps, heaters, robotic cleaners etc.), and leak detection services.

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